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Internet Connection

Is your Internet connection slow?  Cannot get online? Your connection may have experienced an interruption and cannot pick up where it left off.  What should you do?  Reboot your equipment!

  • Start by locating and rebooting your POE.  POE stands for Power-Over-Ethernet.  The POE is what powers the antenna/radio that we installed on the outside of your home or business.  The cable from the antenna, outside, comes into your house and plugs into the POE. Your POE will have 2 Ethernet cables (see example of Ethernet cable in upper right corner of this page) and 1 power cord/adapter connected to it.  Unplug the power adapter from the POE and let it sit for at least 5 minutes.  (Continue to Step 2 while waiting)
  • Next, you will want to locate and reboot your wireless router.  Your wireless router is what allows you to connect to your network (for example: wireless/Wi-Fi, without having an Ethernet cable plugged into your computer or other device.  Most routers have 5 Ethernet ports in the back and an additional spot to plug in the power adapter. You will want to unplug the power adapter from your wireless router and let it sit for at least 5 minutes.  (Continue to Step 3 while waiting)
  • While you are waiting to plug your other equipment back in, reboot/restart your computer or other device; check all of the Ethernet cables to be sure they are all plugged in securely; and check to make sure the cables do not have any obvious damage to them.
  • After the POE has sat for at least 5 minutes, plug the power adapter back in.  Allow up to 5 minutes for the POE to boot back up.
  • Once your POE has fully booted back up and your wireless router has been unplugged for at least 5 minutes, plug the power adapter back in to the router.  Allow up to 3 minutes for the router to boot back up.
  • Now you can look for your wireless network name (for example: on your computer or other device and log in with your wireless password/WEP key/Passphrase (remember all passwords are case sensitive).

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