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My name is Jason Boss and I am the founder and CEO and CTO of  We started off as (pronounced and as times and technology's have changed so has our name.  Our goals and mottos have always been to give our customers the best Internet experience possible and offer up the most complete, most technical, and friendliest customer service around.

My team is a hand picked group of guys and gals who are truly technically gifted, great with multitasking, love technology, and most importantly love helping customers out with anything that they run into problems with.  Customer Service First has always been our motto and our customers know they can get ahold of us night or day.   I firmly believe we are the most advanced group of technicians in this area and we are always pushing for new technologies, finding new ways to fix things, and we are always on the cutting edge of technology.

We are 100% locally owned and operated and we live and love this Columbia Gorge community.  We are proud to be your ISP, your neighbors and your friends and if your not already a customer, I would like to extend my hand and let you know we are always happy to have a new face in our little famliy.  And yes, I do say family because as you could ask any handful of customers how do we treat our customers, and they will most likely say "Like Family".

Warmest Regards,

Jason Boss

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