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The Right SolutionServiceSavings
The Right SolutionServiceSavings
Choices, choices, and more choices. We provide a wide selection of services, which means you get the option that's right for you. This saves you time, money, and makes sure you get the exact perfect deal that suites your needs.  We don't follow in line with the industry and push our sales teams to sell you as much as you can possibly take, in fact we don't use commissions in our company anywhere.  Our team consists of people who love technology and love people.  You can count on us for integrity and honesty and that's our word. We arent the biggest ISP in the area, but we all have found our home in the Columbia Gorge. There will always be bigger ISPs but we work very hard to keep the best pricing for what you are getting. When you e-mail or phone us you will be speaking to the same people that set up your service in the first place, we actually understand our clients as well as personally know many of them by first name. Our customers love the attention and we love our customers. And when you go in to pay your bill, enjoy one of our Organic Candies as a thank you for being our loyal friends.No phone line needed! This implies you can lose that $30 - $40 landline phone bill, and utilize your mobile phone as a VoIP service or a primary phone. This might be saving you cash each month!!
Really Technical PeopleAlways On AvailabilityDedicated to Excellence
When you really need assistance, our full time staff is available to you personally by telephone, by e-mail, or in person - 24 hours a day, seven days per week. We are prompt, courteous and our focus is our continuing dedication to you on a one on one basis. We want your net fast and you happy!Our Internet has over a 99.97% uptime overall. If you ever encounter a time when we do have an outage, rest assured that we take counter measures to any outage we have. We know that Internet is a utility and that in todays world it needs to be on when you need it. There is never a good time for an outage and our network engineers work around the clock monitoring and making sure your Internet is fast and reliable.Our team consists of extremely skilled professionals that excel in the technical world. Most of our staff have been helping companies and people make use of the web since 1995. Security is at the top of our list and our security teams are monitoring, watching, and countering attacks as they happen. We are always watching for ways to stop, block, and mitigate the more than 100 thousand hack attempts we see daily on our network daily. We realize that most people dont live bleeding edge technology like we do and thats why we are here to help you in anyway possible. We keep our own high-security operations center with backup power and standby routers servers.
No hidden feesOur NocContracts or No Contracts
No one wants to read through long contracts that are one sided and not in your favor. The world should be what we call WYSIWYG (pronounced wizzy wig). Its the simple hope that "What You See Is What You Get". In the world of how typical ISP's work, we are a different breed for sure. There are no extra fees, nothing is hidden or concealed and you get the speeds your paying for. Thats our guarantee and thats some of the differences between us and the rest.Our state of the art network operations center or NOC as we in the IT world refer to them are comprised of high speed Internet connections are monitored twenty-four hours a day. We back up our servers daily to supply retrieval of information to make sure we can recover from an emergency and get you and your Internet back online. We've got no need to lock you in service contract because we supply an excellent service at a great price. If your not happy with your service and want to switch, thats your choice and we won't hold you back.  If you want even cheaper Internet and a cheaper installation we do have contracts which gives you a great discount.  Most of our customers have chosen the contract method simply because they can rely on us to fix any problem they may have.  In the event you would like to leave our family to another provider,  simply let us know and we'll remove the gear from your house for a low $49.00 fee.  However, if you're thinking of trying something different please let's know if there's some way we can enhance or fix your computers or your service.  The biggest reason we lose customers is when they move away to a place where we dont service.  When you do have problems,  even if they aren't Internet related, we don't pass your problems on and will do whatever it takes to help you fix your Internet or Computer issues.   We are your one stop complete technology shop.  We even have a full local computer repair shop in house that can help you get your computers back to good working order in the event you end up with some spyware or a virus.  We have great deals on upgrades, data cables, and the best anti virus software available.  Forget the guys that charge you alot and you receive a little.  Most of our customers pay less than $45.00 for complete repairs.
The Alternatives
Going the 3G/4G a Good Option?Satellite InternetCable / DSL Internet Service
Cell 3G/4G Internet (AT&T Verizon Sprint) Coverage of these services is frequently spotty in our region but for those customers who are able to get a decent 4G/LTE connection from a leading national carrier, be warned. They have really low monthly use limitations for their data plans. With the newer "shared" or "family plans" your phone bills can end up being a modest monthly bill that your still limited on data usage and will be paying additional monthly fees for every device you connect to your plan. These rates get expensive fast. At SkyLinkFiber.net we never never charge more for additional devices or for monthly data use. We think data usage is your business, not ours -- and we want to deliver what you pay for.For remote locations with no broadband sometimes you have to go the satellite route for high speed internet. Satellite is one of those "if it were the last broadband on earth, who you would use questions" After having attempted to use satellite net many of our clients have come to us and are constantly blown away by the difference. Satellite net has really restrictive monthly use limits (with serious slow downs when you get to the limits). Unless you have no other options, satellite shouldnt be contemplated.In all honestly, the next best thing to SkyLinkFiber.net is Cable. DSL is oversold, unreliable, and in most cases really slow. Even though a wired connection can be good, we get customers who have access to cable and DSL but will choose SkyLinkFiber.net services because we truly are local, privately owned, and our staff works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The biggest complaints we hear from cable and dsl is the consistent price hikes. Every great deal ends and most customers find their bills eventually out of control. Even though we are the small guys in comparison, nobody is local and rolls 24 hours a day to fix your Internet.
Other Wireless Internet Service Providers
Oregon and Washington do have some High Speed Wireless Internet Service but nobody that has been in the WIFI industry as long as we have. Usually we've got a rather good working relationship with other wireless ISPs that are good to their clients. If we can not offer service to you and we understand another business that can, we'll point you in that way. In those situations, we do urge that you just do your homework and answer these questions: Are their prices and speeds clearly listed on the website or do they have vague speed ranges or "starting from" prices? Do they have a contract with tons of hidden fees inside? Do they have happy customers or customers who are stuck with no other option or can't quit because of their contract? Do they have over twenty-five years experience offering reliable high speed internet access to a smaller area or are they old and slow and never upgrading their network? Do they truly understand technology and are more than a "local" ISP where your simply a number or do customers truly feel like a family member when you call or come in? Do you get the speeds you are paying for?  If you are buying a 5 Megabit Connection, are you getting what you pay for or are they like most ISP's that oversell and never deliver what people pay for?  Test your speeds right now and find out. Do they offer 24 hour services and can be counted on to help you when you need it most?  24 hour support is what we are all about and we have found that most so called local ISP's simply take messages after hours and on weekends.  This is a key difference to being the area's leader in our goals for superior networking and customer service.  We wont be beat in either area. Do you trust their IT staff enough to keep your lives and computers safe and out of harms way or do they simply run a Windows network that is always at risk and always putting you at risk?  (We dont run Windows here!)

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